Master the rules of baccarat in one day! How to play with images

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games alongside blackjack and poker, and is known for its simple rules but easy to get hooked on.

In a nutshell, the rule is “a game to guess which card A or B is closer to 9” . As you can imagine from this rule, baccarat is easy to play and has the characteristic of being a game of luck rather than strategy.

It was my impression that I first learned about baccarat to say, “It’s too simple and super boring ” (laughs)

However, it is certain that baccarat has a charm that attracts players. Especially favored by high rollers (players betting big bucks), baccarat will account for a whopping 89% of Macau’s gaming revenue in 2018.

Baccarat, which seemed to be boring (excuse me), is now played frequently … In this article, I will thoroughly explain the history, rules, and strategies of baccarat and approach its charm!

I will explain the rules of baccarat at once. Baccarat is a game that predicts that the total number of cards dealt to each of the two areas, ” player ” and ” bunker “, is close to 9.

Of course, it is a game where luck / intuition / feelings / experience etc. determine the outcome because you will expect it before the cards are dealt.

“Because the bunker won a while ago, I have a feeling that the bunker will be close to 9 again! “Today, there are many hits, so players! 』\ It is already like this.

Whether it’s a player or a bunker, it’s not much different from predicting the front and back of a coin. The victory or defeat is about 50%, so anyone can play once you check the rules!

STEP1. Let’s sit at the table first

First, the player sits at the table and exchanges cash for chips. When playing at an online casino , there is no actual table, so choose which game you want on the screen.

Kaji Journey game select screen. In this example, I selected the baccarat on the upper left.

STEP2. Predict and bet!

Let’s bet on the assumption that the total of the two cards is closer to 9 . This is a guess. To bet, just place a chip in the “bunker” or “player” area marked on the table. You can also bet on “Thailand (draw)”, but I don’t recommend it very much (the reason will be later). I will put a chip on Baccarat and bet.

STEP3. Decision of victory or defeat

Finally, two cards are dealt for the bunker and two cards are dealt for the player, and the cards are turned over. Depending on the total number of cards, another card will be drawn, and if the total number of cards is closer to 9, you will get a prize.

The result is 8 on the player side and 9 on the bunker side, so the bunker side wins. I was betting on the bunker side, so I won the prize.

When pulling the third piece with baccarat and when not pulling

In the above rule, the total of the two cards is described as ~, but when actually playing, the third card may be dealt sideways. In Baccarat, there is a rule that a third card will be added if certain conditions are met .

By the way, the bet is completed before the third card is drawn, and the dealer will take care of drawing the third card. So you don’t have to remember these conditions completely ◎ I think you can enjoy the game more if you just remember it, so let’s check it here.

Whether or not the third card will be distributed to the player side

The third piece will be distributed first from the player side. It’s easy to see if the third card will be dealt to the player. The points to be distributed are summarized below.

  • If the total of the first two cards is 5 or less → The third card is dealt
  • If the total of the first two cards is: 6 or 7, no cards will be dealt
  • If the total of the first two cards is: 8 or 9, no cards will be dealt

Whether or not the third card will be distributed to the bunker side

Next is whether the third piece will be distributed to the bunker. The bunker side is a little more complicated than the player side, so please refer to the image below.

H (hit) = 3rd card is dealt. S (stand) = not distributed.

Below is a brief summary of ① and ②. As mentioned at the beginning of this section, the dealer will draw the third card, so you don’t have to know the rules perfectly.

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