Bar of the Week: Matt Torrey's

By Paper Magazine - Read the Article Here

Matt Torrey's ears are burning. Opening a bar named after yourself (first AND last -- he doesn't mess around) will do that to you, especially when the buzz has it that Harefield Road and the Pencil Factory are close cousins. After a combined 12 years of tending bar at both neighborhood favorites, Torrey teamed up with owners John Berminghamand Sean O'Rourke for his own piece of the Brooklyn bar pie. On a strip of Bushwick Avenue otherwise known for its rolling tumbleweed problem, Matt Torrey's certainly fills a need, even with the proximity of Harefield Road, just around the corner. Like its brethren, MT's has a comfortably rustic vibe, meaning wood, lots of wood. The oak floors were reclaimed from a 100+ -year-old Virginia farmhouse, and the bar and the columns behind it are a dark, lustrous ash. When the nights get warmer, the huge windows that run the entire length of one wall and half of another, will provide that al fresco feeling we all seem to enjoy when we have a drink in hand. Those who'd prefer that drink to be a beer and local at that, are in luck. Out of 20 taps, 18 come from NY state breweries like Butternuts, Defiant, Southern Tier, and Lake Placid, with some local locals like Brooklyn and Sixpoint thrown in for good measure (Guinness and Blackthorn Cider are the two odd taps out). A month or so will bring toasted sandwiches and simple bar snacks, and all will be well with the world.